Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review a new series the DC just released, and it’s Swamp Thing, but it begs to question, does it live up to the high bar that Doom Patrol just left or will it go the same route as Titans?

From beginning to end, it was fantastic, from the cast, location, and environment use, the characters that how were they introduced, and the slow burn horror movie pacing of the episode stood out. The main thing that kept the episode together was the tone, and it was horror. I honestly didn’t know that James Wan was on this project and looking back at this episode, it showed. All the horror tone in this episode, with the slow burn pace, that a good horror film should have, it felt very refreshing and a real palate cleanser to Doom Patrol. The cast and characters also stood out magnificently and how each character was introduced and took control of the scene that they were in, even if it was brief.

Another good thing I can say about this episode was it’s not all about Alec Holland/ Swamp Thing. Crystal Reed, who plays Abby Arcane feels like the real star here and her character has some fascinating backstory as well. Another big thing that Swamp Thing did right was in the story, instead of making one up or do what Titans did and go all dark tone with no backbone storytelling and depth. A deadly virus that looks like it came from the swamp has infected a good amount of people in the town of Marais, Louisiana and Abby Arcane comes home to her home town to see what is going on. Here she meets with Alec Holland and after finding out what was going on, he was killed but later turned into the Swamp Thing, and Arcane has to find out what is going on in the swamps of Marais.

Swamp Thing is going strong with its first episode and with a 10 episode season, lets hope and see how this series will play out.