Ahoy Captain Cats here and wow what a season finale to one of the best shows of 2019 so far. Let us dive into the season finale episode entitled “Ezekiel Patrol.”

We pick up where the last episode left off and after some choice words, the team went their own way. Rita and Larry were living together as room mates, Vic was back at Star City doing his rounds, and Cliff was keeping an eye on a Jane who was very depressed. Some time passed, and Mr. Nobody knew he was missing something and join up with Admiral Whiskers and Ezekiel to rule the world. After some odd music, the team gets back together and agree to help out the chief to rescue Danny but also his daughter who Danny was protecting all this time. After some crazy events, we see the team coming out on top, and we are introduced to the chief’s daughter, Dorothy Spinner.

This was not only a perfect way to end the season but also can build on for season two. The cast, storytelling, environment, and the music shows that this could be the best comic based live action series ever made. DC knock it out of the park with Doom Patrol, and it shows.