Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the second to last episode of DCU breakout hit series Doom Patrol with “Penultimate Patrol.”

We see Mr. Nobody’s backstory, and you can’t help but kinda feel for the guy and soon after we see the team teaming up with Danny the Street to find the chief in a place called “The White Space.” While this is happening, we see Vic with his dad at the hospital due to what happened in “Cyborg Patrol,” and they have a heart to heart talk and after some truth about what happened to him and his mom on the day of the accident. Back to the team we see Flex using his powers to send everyone to the white space and after some exchange of words and Vic shows up to save the day, and all ends well, or not. After a plot twist thanks to Mr. Nobody, it ends with a piece of shocking news that will lead into the series final episode.

Everything was great on this episode, not only did they finally show Mr. Nobody’s past and the reason why he became this way, but he also shows he is not that evil compared to the chief. DC did their homework on this series, and it’s paying off for them. Up next is the last episode for this season and it is titled “Ezekiel Patrol,” so maybe he may be the hero DC needs at the moment or not.