Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today I’m going to review an anime that is on a level of its own and that anime is Boogiepop and Others.

Boggiepop and Others was based on a Japanese horror supernatural light novel of the same name and was written by Kouhei Kadono and art done by Kouji Ogata. The novel was released back in February of 1998, and 21 years later they turn this book into an animated series, and I can’t recommend this to everyone.

Boogiepop and Others look fantastic and the setting, the cast of characters, the world the series is taking place and music really works well, but the stories not so much. The series is divided up into four short stories and the stories can be complex and difficult to understand and will require a few re-watches to follow the story. Some stories in this series can be too hard to intake due to the nature of the situation, and even the complexity of how the story is being told can turn views away. Another reason why I can’t recommend this to everyone is the pacing of the episodes, its a slow burn pace of storytelling, and with many people who want to get to the point and understand it at the same time, will not have the time to enjoy and or appreciate what Boogiepop and Others have to offer.

I would recommend this series to people who like a complex, slow-burn pace and a great payoff in terms of storytelling, and who enjoy shows like Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and True Detective. Boogiepop and Others aired from January 4 till March 29 of this year and was a total of 18 episodes, and you can see this series on Crunchyroll.