Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today I’m going to review the latest DC animated film, and that is Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

The story center around Star Boy, a hero from the 31st century and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who is suffering from mental issues and Jessica Cruz, one of earth’s Green Lantern who is suffering from survivor regret. They are the same and help each other out with each other situations. While the rest of the Justice League member this time around are Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Mister Terrific and Miss Martian do help with moving the story along, its Star Boy and Jessica Cruz who shine the most. The villains in this film, the Fatal Five, well three out of the five, Tharok, Persuader and Mano, really shine here as well on every level.

The art and animation here are great, they went back to the classic DCAU style of art and animation which is always the standard for this kind of film, the new 52 method is lovely in its own right, but the classic DCAU style take the view back to Justice League tv series. The pace and the story as a whole hurt this film, the pacing can’t make up its mind at times and the story as a whole is not that great but the theme of overcoming one’s inner fear is a positive message.

In the end, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five is an ok film, it does have it’s hits and misses, but you will be enjoying this one.