Today as this is being posted up is opening day for the 2019 MLB season and since we are in San Diego let me paint you a picture of how opening day is like here in San Diego.

7 am the smell of coffee, spring air and you hear the sound of baseball in the air. You start to see people going to the parking lots waiting for the block party that begin in a few hours. Most of the breakfast places are being filled up with either people dinning in or in line to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches, all while everyone is talking nothing but baseball and local news.

10 am people are walking into the block party and listening to music, smelling the grilled food and meeting old friends and making new ones as well. While everyone is enjoying themselves at the block party, the right amount of people will be leaving to get their seat and food for the opening pitch.

During the game you smell the food, see the seats, and faces next to you and in line will be one’s second home for the next six months. While some new foods will be introduced throughout the season, nothing beats a grilled burger, hot dog, or tacos and a cup of one’s favorite drink. Maybe if you are hungry after the feast, you’ll get your go-to peanuts, ice cream or the all-time classic: Cracker Jack box. Also let’s not forget the 7th inning stretch

Hours after the game doesn’t matter if the local team wins or loses, the streets will be filled with hungry people and the bars, restaurants, and the sports bars will be filled and the smell of food, drinks, and laughter in the air. This is just day one of a four game home-stand, and this is an opening day here in San Diego.