This week the World Wide Web (www for short) turn 30 and a lot has happened during those 30 years. Some good things that came out of the www in the past 30 years such as:

  • The first webcam was broadcast back in 1991
  • AOL launched the first ever Instant Messenger with the iconic greeting of “You’ve got mail!” in 1989
  • Yahoo was launch in 1994
  • Amazon open online in 1995 as a bookstore first
  • WordPress, Skype, and the iTunes online music store were all introduced in 2003
  • World of Warcraft or WOW was released in 2004

This is a small list of many great things that came out of the www, but they’re also a lot of bad things that happen within its 30 years as well such as:

  • The whole Edward Snowden thing of 2013
  • Tons of hoax over the years
  • Bing
  • napster
  • Microsoft internet explorer
  • The rise of social media and “Influencers.”
  • ID thief of all kind and the rise of cyberbullying
  • The massive increase in dependency for the wrong use of the www

We all use the www for better or for worse and the years to come it can go either or way. The best way to sum up what the www is, here is a quote from Jon Stewart:

“The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom” – Jon Stewart