Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today we are going talk about DC Super Pets. If you heard the news about Warner Bros and DC have set some new release dates The Batman, The Suicide Squad and DC Super-Pets in 2021, a lot of people are asking what and who are the Super Pets?

Created by Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan, The Legion of Super-Pets were introduced in Adventure Comics #293 in 1962. The original line up was as follow:

  • Beppo the Super Monkey
  • Comet the Super-Horse
  • Krypto the Super Dog
  • Proty
  • Streaky the Supercat

Over the years the Super Pets had added new members such as:

  • Ace the Bat-Hound
  • Bat-Cow (no joke)
  • Clay Critter (deceased member)
  • Detective Chimp
  • Flexi the Plastic Bird
  • Jumpa (DC Super Friends’ Super Pet)
  • Proty I (deceased member)
  • Proty II
  • Storm the Seahorse
  • Titus
  • Topo

This group was not a part of DC Main Continuity until post New 52 and DC Rebirth where they were introduced in Super Sons Annual # 1 in January of 2018.

There you go, if you want to read up on the Super-Pets go to your local Comic Book Shop and ask them about them and see what they can get you so you can be read for film release in 2021.