Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. What a season for DCI John Luther and company. This season was by far the best and most heartbreaking of them all. Before I get ahead of myself let me break down the series and season 1-4.

The Neil Cross series is a British crime drama that started back in 2010. The main character DCI John Luther is a Detective Chief Inspector who always walk the fine line of what is right and wrong to the point where it brings nothing but trouble to not only himself but to everyone that is close to him. From the first episode of season one to season five finale, you will see how far he will go to get the job done. Idris Elba who plays Luther brings him to life in so many ways, and you believe every moment, action, and outcome with his commanding presence. Ruth Wilson, who plays Alice Morgan is a delight to see in every scene she is in nothing but pure class. Dermot Crowley, Michael Smiley, Warren Brown, and Paul McGann all so shine with their respective roles and characters in the series.

Now for a short recap of the season 1-4

  • Season 1 – We see Luther dealing with very dark, ruthless, and horrific cases while at the same time dealing with his personal life and trying to keep it together.
  • Season 2 – Luther tries to deal with the aftermath of season 1 while trying to save a young girl from the underground world of drugs, sex and more.
  • Season 3 – Luther is thrown to a wall and doesn’t know if he can get out of it; both personally and professionally.
  • Season 4 – On leave of absence from the force, Luther goes back to London when he gets some news that doesn’t sit well with him.

Season 5 we see Luther trying to play it safe with the recruit DS Halliday, but also feeling the wrath of George Cornelius, a big underground crime boss who believes Luther took his son. This season goes on a very dark and bloody path in every way, I won’t give any spoilers away, but I do recommend watching it.

Luther Season 1-4 is on Netflix and season 5 was shown on BBC ONE.