Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. 2018 saw a lot of shows come and go and breakups that were too ugly to see. Lets take a look back at what made 2018 TV year so crazy.

Disney announces a new streaming service – After the announcement Disney leaving Netflix in 2019, they have also announced that they will be creating a new streaming service named Disney Plus. Only time will tell if this is a smart move or not.

Fans save shows  – Fox dropped the ball with the cancellations of both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer in 2018 and made the fans for these series mad. Soon after they were both cut, NBC picks up Brooklyn Nine-Nine and will be back on TV in January of 2019. Lucifer was picked up by Netflix and in 2019 the 4th season will be shown. If both shows become hits in their new homes, Fox will look stupid for doing what they did.

Netflix did it right with its shows – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, season two of GLOW, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Altered Carbon and Narcos showed that Netflix has everything going for them right with original series. 2019 could be the year that will make or break them with Disney Plus to arrive and Amazon and Hulu catching up to them as well.

DC’s TITANS was the show no one saw coming – I had not believed in this DC original series, but now its one of the BEST shows out there. The cast is excellent, the storyline is unique, the tone is excellent, pretty much the show as a whole is excellent, and not a lot of shows can do that.

Bojack Horseman was THE show for 2018 – Netflix’s Bojack Horseman proved that it is THE show this year. The 6th season showed us why both critics and viewers praise this show, and with season one being on Comedy Central, there is nothing but up for our favorite horse and maybe a Golden Globe in his future.

That was TV 2018 had to offer and hope for 2019 can pick it up where 2018 left off.