Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Today I’m going to review a short anime film that came out over the summer and just had the opportunity to watch, and that is Kase-san and Morning Glories.

Know in Japan as Asagao to Kase-san, this Original Video Animation (OVA for short) tells the story of two high school girls, Yui Yamada who is shy and is part of her high school greenery committee who falls in love with Tomoka Kase, a boyish-looking girl who on the high school track and field team. The OVA is based on the manga series entitled ‘Kase-san and,’ which is written and drawn Hiromi Takashima. The series ran from 2010-2017 and was a huge hit, soon after that series ended the sequel series ‘Yamada to Kase-san,’ which started a month after the first series ended in 2017 and is still in print to this day.

The OVA is just under an hour and is enough time to see a lot of character development, funny situations both girls have to deal with in their relationship and what one will do for love. The animation is lovely, the OVA was done by Zexcs, who last year released an Original Net Animation or ONA for short and it serves as a prequel to this one which you can see here.

This one went under the radar and is a must watch with its straightforward story telling, beautiful animation and both main characters you want to root for. The OVA was released in Japanese theaters on June 9 of this year except for a one day showing at this year’s Anime Expo.

Let us know I the comments below on what you think of this series.