Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! When I heard that 20th Century Fox was going to do another movie in the Predator franchise, I said to myself why? 2010’s Predators was a good movie, and they should have either continue that story line or do a completely different story line in the like of what I said before about Hell come a Walkin’ and 1718, but no.

The Predator feels like an 80’s movie, which is good and bad. The film is directed by Shane Black, who did Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys and this movie. He also wrote the script with Fred Dekker. Now directing wise, he did a great job with how the film looked, and it seems excellent. Script-wise, not so great, it was horrible. There were moments in the movie I had no idea what they are talking about or what was going on with some of the characters. I think this is where to me the film failed at, it was sloppy, and there were times I just lost interested in it, and some actors could have shined if they did a better job in this department. The main story plot was stupid in itself, but I don’t want to get into that because it was stupid.

Speaking of characters, there were only two characters I enjoyed, and they were Boyd Holbrook’s Quinn McKeena and Sterling K. Brown’s Will Traeger. Both actors shined in their respective roles, and I thought they were the best part of the movie. Keegan-Michael Key did an excellent job in the film, and so does Trevante Rhodes, but the one person who I think didn’t mix well with the movie was Olivia Munn. To me it’s not her fault, it’s more of Black and Dekker fault due to how her character acted throughout the whole movie, which is a shame because if they did a better job with the script and developed her character more and had a better and believable background, Munn’s character would have fit right in.

The predators themselves look great but not enough screen time. I think they were trying to build up to something epic but it didn’t pay off at all. Also when they were on screen the pacing of the movie was off by a lot, trying to give it an 80’s action feels but no. The pace of the movie was also bad as well, felt like they were trying to fit in so much in 107 minutes and ya…..not a good ideal.

Overall the movie to me, who watch all of the other predator movies and read the comics have only this to say: What the Hell is this? This should have been better and could have been the franchises best but no, not by a long shot.