Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Lupin the Third has its place in anime history, started out as a manga in 1967, then the series first movie in 1978 and the series first of many tv series in 1984, the series has done it all. Jump forward to 2018 and Lupin with the gang are back with Lupin the Third part V, and I have to say, its one of the best in the series so far, even better than the now epic part II.

The series takes place in modern day France and is broken down into four parts, each with its story arc, and they are lovely. Each arc has its storyline, and they are well written and dare I say it, better than most live action tv show that is on tv now. Here is a small summary of each arc:

  • Arc One- Lupin breaks into a data center and steals “Marco Polo” a type of digital currency in this series world. During the hist, he meets with Ami Enan, a powerful hacker in the dark web.
  • Arc Two- Lupin obtain a black book with “dirt” on every influential political person. He is targeted by the head of the DGES and Albert d’Andresy, a former partner of Lupin, who now works for the government.
  • Arc Three- Lupin tries to steal the Bloody Teardrop before the Kingdom of Parda goes into a Civil War.
  • Arc Four- Lupin goes up against a shady IT conglomerate who uses technology to gain world domination.

Just watch any of them, and it feels like a mini-movie within a tv series. There are a few filler episodes, and those are also wonderful in their own right as well.

The character development in the series is simple yet complex at the same time. Each character interacts with one another in a way as if they know each other for ages. Out of all of the character and their relationships, Lupin and Fujiko were the most interesting. Before part V, they were lovers, friends, comrades and sometimes go out of each other’s way to help the other, but all that change. During this series, we don’t know what happens to them to lead them to where they are now, and you want to know more, that alone makes this worth watching. During the series run, Lupin’s interactions with Jigen, Goemon, Zenigata and Ami are like how we interact with one of our closest friends in real life.

The music in this series is at an all time HIGH. The opening music is made by the legendary Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six. The opening is titled “LUPIN TROIS 2018,” and it is an instant classic. The music choice that Ohno did in this one reminded me of the great Django Reinhardt and Le Quintette du Hot Club de France. The ending music is also wonderful as well with the song “Seine no Kaze ni….Adieu” by Miyuki Sawashiro who also does the voice acting for Fujiko is pure bliss and simple.

In the end Lupin the third part V is a beautiful series to watch, and if you have never seen any of the other tv series, I would recommend watching this one. The beautiful animation, solid voice acting, excellent storytelling and pacing and the music to go with it this is a series you should watch and can’t pass up on. The series is on Crunchyroll.

Are you going to watch this series? are you a fan of Lupin? Let us know!