Today’s hidden gem is a song from the English band Pink Floyd. The song is not a typical song that the group is famous for, a matter of fact the song is a soft acoustic love song and that song was A Pillow of Winds. The song was written by David Gilmour and Roger Waters and was the second song on the band sixth studio album Meddle. According to bandmate Nick Mason, the name of the song came from a possible hand in Mahjong which is a Chinese tile-based game. This is the only song of this kind ever been done by Pink Floyd with the lyrics of the song is soft, smooth to the ears, but also a bit chilly as so:

“A cloud of eiderdown

Draws around me

Softening a sound

Sleepy time, and I lie

With my love by my side

And she’s breathing low

And the candle dies

When night comes down

You lock the door

The book falls to the floor.”- Pink Floyd

The music itself is very soft, relaxing even. Gilmour guitar and Waters bass play shine in this song, it starts and ends with them playing off one another and setting the tempo for this song. Next time when your with your better half and relaxing without a care in the world, play this song and enjoy the moment.