Hello, all! Nightrider here!

A few years ago, I was searching through countless shows and movies on Netflix. That’s when I found an animated TV show called “Bojack Horseman.” I at first thought that this show was a possible crap fest by the avatar alone…

Since watching Bojack going through his adventures in self-hate and recovery, I can’t wait for the upcoming fifth season next month. However, while watching a classic episode of “South Park” from Comedy Central, I saw the upcoming re-release of “Bojack Horseman” about the premiere on Comedy Central.

My biggest concerns for “Bojack Horseman” are about the differences of impact and delivery of themes; what will TV Bojack say compared to Netflix Bojack? Netflix Bojack is “fine” just the way he is; his flaws are usually out in the open and are relatable to an extent. The Netflix story of “Bojack Horseman” shines in its writing while the visuals help push the writing along and bring out each character’s issues without being too flashy about it. The dark elements in Netflix “Bojack” are disturbing at times but necessary: you cannot have light without the dark. Without the darkness, every prominent character in “Bojack Horseman” won’t be able to develop themselves in their own way.

As for the premiere of “Bojack Horseman” on Comedy Central, hopefully, the channel will leave that darkness alone so that the TV viewer will also see how the Horseman crew adapt or fall into despair at times. They will definitely censor most of the colorful language, but that will be irrelevant when compared to the story development; will the story flow remain intact or certain dark-but-necessary moments will disappear and leave the viewer confused?

This issue will have to wait on September 26 after the premiere of the 22nd season of “South Park.” Luckily for me, I only have to wait for the fifth season of “Bojack Horseman” to premiere on September 14 on Netflix.