AHOY ME MATEYS, Captain Cats and The Nightrider here. Today we are continuing our SDCC 2018 Breakdown with exclusives, but the central question came to our mind was this, were they worth it this year or no.

Every year there are ALOT of exclusives at SDCC and this year was no exception, but this year something was off. Sure there was a lot to offer but also a lot that wasn’t worth getting at all and even some that were very disappointing. The exclusives that were on everyone’s list was Funko, especially the Funimation Entertainment’s Metallic Whis Funko Pop from Dragon Ball Super. It was so popular that they had to shut down the Funimation booth TWICE, which could hurt them sells wise. Diamond Select also offered great exclusives like always, and so did Blizzard Entertainment, LEGO, Tokidoki, Peanuts with exclusives coming from Japan and Viz Media with it’s My Hero Academia exclusives as well. Fan favorites items for Steven Universe, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Overwatch, DC, Marvel and such were all over the place and finding something that you like was an adventure itself.

Sadly we can’t say about the rest of the exclusives for SDCC. A lot of big name companies had a lot to offer but they to use, they didn’t look worth getting. Hasbro is an excellent example of this, up until this year they were always the place that still had at least three to four exclusives that were a must own; this year may be only one this was somewhat worth it unless you can wait to buy it online. This year line up was disappointing at best and to us the one that was maybe worth getting was the Rey & Kylo Ren figure from the Black Series Centerpiece. Mettle was the same, so was Sony, Microsoft, Upper Deck, Toynami, Inc. and so on.

A solution for this would be to see what went wrong, look at the sells of each product and see online feedback and responds to announcement of what going to be an exclusive at the next convention; not just SDCC but for other conventions for the rest of the convention year. It doesn’t hurt to also pull a rabbit out of their hat regarding maybe going BIG for next years exclusives. In the case for Hasbro, release Unicron or re-release classic Megatron and Optimus Prime from G1 in a two-set, maybe release a new Magic the Gathering set a week or month before street date, even a new D&D expansion set before street date as well. It is not hard to fix this; you have time, use it wisely.

Let us know what you think, was this year exclusives didn’t meet your standard or did they? Lt us know!