Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Love, a four letter word that people all over the world care about, want to know how it feels or just plain hate the ideal. Otaku, a Japanese term for people with obsessive interest towards anime and manga. Many people also hate the ideal that a reason they cant find love is due to what they like. But what if your an Otaku and your reason is because you cant date another Otaku? Well if your in the situation as both Narumi and Hirotaka then we have an anime for you! Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku is a Rom-Com about love thru the eyes of Narumi and Hirotaka, both whom are Otaku and just stated dating each other and Hanako and Taro both Otaku themselves and been dating for sometime. Here is the link to the official trailer

The Story line is simple but interesting, on one hand you see a couple who are just starting out dating and see if its really hard to date someone who is a Otaku themselves. At the same time you see another couple who been dating for awhile and see how its like dating someone who is an Otaku. Each episode we see both couple interact with each other in and out of the workplace and see what they do. The pacing in each episode feel just right, not to slow not to fast. The character interaction in the series is fun to watch and will make you think about your better half and remember about both the good times and not so good times.

The animation was done by A-1 Pictures, who famous for doing the “Working” series and last year sleeper hit “Interview with Monster Girls” has done a fine job here with this one. They bring each character to life and give them their own identity, quirks and so on. The environment look very nice and simple, nothing too crazy and that’s fine with me as long it help get the story moving along.

The music is on at best, not mind blowing and that’s ok. The music is just your average music you may have listen to from A-1 other anime series its alright.

The opening and ending themes are a mix bag here. The ending theme goes well with the ending animation but at the same time fells like I see and heard this so many time. The ending theme is titled Kimi no Tanari by Japanese artist Halca. The opening theme on the other hand is a happy go lucky sound and with the opening animation to match this sound is wonderful, an personally one of my favorite opening theme and animation so far. The name of the song is titled Fiction by the band Sumika, here is the link

Currently the series is being aired on amazon video and if you have Prime you can watch it for free and as of now all 11 episodes have been shown. Also if you like this series, go and read the manga as well, which in fun fact started out as a web comic online before it went to print.

I love this series, its a different take on love from a very different point of view as in the line of 2015 spring season’s run away hit Ore Monogatari or My Love Story!! here in the west. If you enjoy Love is hard for Otaku than I highly recommend you to want My Love Story!!

Let us know what you think of this series and have any other series you want The Nightrider and I to watch let us know!