All hands on deck Captain Cats and The Nightrider here. So E3 just started off today with the EA Press Conference and truth be told, we weren’t impressed at all. From the usual game announcements to BioWare’s Anthem, here is our take on EA Press Conference in our new segment: Sink, Swim or Walk the Plank! Rules are simple, we’ll talk about the press conference in small bits, and we’ll pick if it Sinks (very bad) Swim (good) or walk the plank (quite worried).

The opening segment-sink

This is not the way to start out your press conference. Nobody and I mean NO BODY didn’t want to be there, even the host Andrea Rene, who did an excellent job as a whole but at times felt like she didn’t want to be there as well.

BattleField 5- Walking the Plank for now

BF5 looks great, and the gameplay stayed the same. Five will be in WW2 with a new storyline which will be explained more at tomorrow’s Microsoft Press Conference. Also, two significant announcements came to BF5

  • No Loot Boxes and Play to Win feature

FIFA 19-Swim

This Edition of FIFA will have for the first time The UEFA Champion League! Also, FIFA 18 will have a World Cup mode and tournament this summer that will go side to side with the World Cup Finals in Russia.

EA Origin Access Premier- Walking the Plank for now

no price yet and they will try to use cloud network gaming for multi-platform.

Star Wars- Swim for now

With the announcements of the Clone Wars DLC, new hero and villains from the Clone Wars and trying to fix more of the issues that the game still have. During this segment Respawn Entertainment announcement they are working on a new Star Wars game titled “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.” The only information that was given is the game will take place between episodes 3 and 4, with a release window of the holiday of 2019.

Unravel 2 and Sea of Solitude- Overall Swim

Unravel 2 looks lovely and it feels like Little Big Planet, which isn’t bad at all! With a new storyline, gameplay and was released today. Another game that was shown was Sea of Solitude, and it looks fabulous! I can’t wait for SoS to come out.

Madden 19 and NBA Live 19- walking the plank

nothing new other than Madden coming back to PC since 08.

Command & Conquer Rivals- Sink

A new C&C game for mobile phones and it looks ok, nothing special at all. To me, it looks like a pass.

Anthem- Walking the Plank for now

The game that everyone was waiting to see and we are not impressed at all. To be honest, it looks like a Destiny clone, and that’s not good. While the game will focus on multiplayer, there will be a storyline and with no loot boxes and pay to win feature. In short, Anthem looks like Destiny and Iron Man had a kid and dropped the kid off at a Monster Hunter daycare in space. The Release date for Anthem will be February 22, 2019

Overall- Walking the Plank

EA did an ok job with some of the game announcements, while others were just bad and more and less the same. The most significant outcome from this is the people at the event; they didn’t seem to enjoy any of the announcements and sounded like they were forced to be there.