Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! The San Diego Comic-Con or Comic Con for shot is about 47 days away, and everyone knows it the Mecca of all this Pop Cultural! One of the most popular products every year has always been Funko and their line of products. This year Funko gave us both good and bad news.

Good News

Funko will be teaming up with late night host Conan O’Brien for another edition of Conan POPS! According to Funko’s Twitter account, they ask what everyone one wanted to see for this year’s Comic-Con Conan POPS! Last year Conan POPS were Spider-Man, a Jedi, The Flash and a White Walker. As of now, many people are suggesting Thanos, Deadpool and surprising Conan the Barbarian.

Bad News

While the Conan POPS is worth waiting to see, the bad news will make many sad. For the past two years, Funko has had a POP-up shop outside of the Comic-Con and let the general public in and buy what they are selling at the convention. Sadly not this year, as Funko also said on Twitter that they wouldn’t be doing a POP-up shop at this year’s Comic-Con. So the only way to buy this year Funko Exclusives you need to be at Comic-Con.

So what is your take on the news that Funko is making for 2018 Comic-Con? Let us know in the comments!