Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! The 2018 edition of the Spring anime season has been a good one, with a bit of everything for everyone in all genres that anime has been known for. Like every edition for every anime season, there will be some that didn’t live up to the hype and expectations of many, some that went under the radar and became hidden gems and lastly the very few that will surprise everyone and become beloved by many for years to come. Megalo Box is without a doubt THE surprise hit of this edition of the 2018 Spring season. The series was created as a commemoration for the 50th anniversary of another boxing anime, the legendary Ashita no Joe aka Champion Joe or Tomorrow’s Joe. There are a few references to Ashinta no Joe in Megalo Box, but the series itself can stand on its own in every other way.

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Megalo Box takes place in a futuristic setting where citizens are divided into two classes, those with citizenship ID’s and those who don’t. The only thing both classes have in common is the love for Megalo Box, its boxing but with cybernetic enchantments, The series protagonist “Junk Dog” is an underground Megalo boxer with no citizenship ID. After his manager, Gansaku Nanbu, tells him to throw another fight, and encounter with the primer Megalo boxer Yuri, he decides to enter the Megalonia boxing tournament at any cost. The storyline may sound like an underdog story, which it is, but this is more than meets the eye. Every character in every episode so far, a total of 9 already shown, has their personal story to tell and we see it all flush out little by little. The pace of the storytelling and each character interaction goes wonderfully well and never seem its taking forever to get its point across

The animation is 100% gorgeous, a real treat to the eyes. TMS Entertainment did a fantastic job in this department, from the character, environment and movement design this series looks lovely. The real main treat in this series is the boxing matches and let me tell you they are the best I have seen! It seems like they took their time and studied real-life boxing to make the fights in Megalo Box very special.

The music in Megalo Box is unique and fits well with the series as a whole. Hip-hop artist mabanua composes the music, and it gives it depth and the tone where it needs it the most. Both the opening and ending theme music fits very well with the series itself. A group called LEO Imai made the opening theme music, and it gives off this kind of “I’m going to kick your ass whether you want it or not” vibe. The animation with the music goes hand in hand, it can be dark, but it works. NakamuraEmi made the ending theme music and how it ending credits match with this Latin pop-rock vibe with Japanese lyrics, it will make you want to get up and dance to the beat!

That being said Megalo Box is this season IT show, with the music, animation, and characters development that will make you want to see what happens next and hope it never ends! If you’re going to watch Megalo Box, you can see it on Crunchyroll and as of now you can watch all 13 episodes now!

Are you a fan of Megalo Box and want to see this type of anime or have a request on what The Nightrider and I should watch next let us know!