Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! For some time now TV has been improving its quality on everything and is not so far behind from its bigger brother the big screen. Just like its counterpart, it doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to adaptation from other media of any kind. There will be a show that shows it can be done right (altered carbon) and there will be some that are done poorly ( Eastwick). These are my four series that can not be done on the small screen. Remember these are my personal opinion and let’s start the show!

4.Rogue Trooper

The Rogue Trooper is a great comic and a long history to boot. Introduce in the pages of 2000 AD, Rouge, Gunnar, Bagman, and Helm have seen the universe through war, because that all they were created for, to fight battles. The main issue for TV can fall under a few categorize, storytelling, money, the environment, and locations. I doubt we’ll ever see Rogue and the boys on TV anytime soon.


Half-life 1 & 2 are considered to be one of the greatest FPS of all time. The ending of 2 will and always be the most heartbreaking ending off all time due to it left us in a huge cliffhanger. If a TV show was to be made of this, it needs to do at least damn excellent job on it and maybe, maybe give us all the ending we been waiting for. Between you and me it’ll never happen but only one can dream.

2.The Dark Tower series

Let’s face it, the movie suck. Disappointing as it was, it showed that King’s sci-fi western horror dark fantasy cannot be done. Just as Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy Berserk, it CAN’T be done at all! While Berserk was made into an anime series, it did an ok job. If the film can’t show why this series is so beloved to many, you think TV will do a better job?

1.The Pyrrhic and Punic Wars

If one wonders why two old wars are deemed unadaptable hears why. The Pyrrhic wars were from 280-275 BC. King Pyrrhus of Epirus was the last Greek adversary for the Roman Republic. It as Pyrrhus, not Hannibal Barca who first introduce war elephants to the Romans. After this five year campaign, he left the war and invented the Pyrrhic victory, in which his success was at a cost. Many will only remember the second Punic war, but many people don’t know that there was 3 and lasted over 100 years. The Punic Wars in total was from 264-146 BC but breaking them as such

The First Punic War 264-241 BC

The Second Punic War (The famous one With Hannibal) 218-201 BC

The Third Punic War 149-146 BC

A lot of history with reason and tales of battles, but not enough time and money for these wars to be shown on TV let alone on the big screen.

If there is something you think that cant be done for TV let us know in the comments!