Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

Former drummer for Lucie,Too Naho Shibahara released her first demo CD titled “Playground” last week.

Ready to buy in digital or CD format with this link , you can hear her beginning works. Since there are only three tracks, let’s look into this demo a little more:

“jungle” is relaxing and a breath of fresh air for alternative music. You can hear her musicianship: clear, clean, and well placed. The harmony with the vocals is spot on and they agree with the pace.

“circle” has a mellow tune that reminds me a little like the band Mazzy Star. There’s that haunting but soothing atmosphere that I find enjoyable. Shibahara again knows how to arrange the vocals well.

“pressures” has that minimalist vibe that sounds just right. No need for overdoing the melody. Shibahara’s vocals show a hint of complexity even though it was brief. I was grooving my head for a little bit as if any pressures I have slowly dissolved away. Very nice effort here.

You can visit Naho Shibahara’s YouTube channel here and see her beginning her journey as well as listening to her news works and cover pieces. I suggest not counting her out because there is something great going on here and I like it.