Today on underground we are going to look at the latest EP for the king of the aggressive elevator soul and that artist in Ginger Root and the album is City Slicker.

The album starts off with a light smooth opening track “Fly Too” and this is a great way to get yourself relax, have a drink, and enjoy the music. The next two-track “Loretta” and “Neighbor” are to me, the best tracks on this album. Loretta is one of those tracks that is so good, your going to be listing to it for a long time and Neighbor is so catchy you can’t help but love it for what it is. “Juban District,” City Slicker, and Entertainment round up the rest of the album, and these three tracks are just wonderful.

City Slicker is a love letter to city pop in every way and by the time you finish listing this album, you’re going to put it back on again and again. While the album is just under 20 minutes, these are going to be the best damn 20 minutes you have ever listen to this year!