Today on underground we are going to look at the latest single by Yung Bae with Channel Tres and that single is “Wonder.”

From start to finish this single is hot. The beasts and sound that Yung Bae unleashed in this single put a lot of mainstream music to shame and it shows. While it’s not like his Japanese Disco Edits work, Yung Bae really shows off that he know what he is doing and Wonder is proof of that. Channel Tres’ rhymes and voice stand out here as well and if you haven’t heard of Channel Tres, you have now and should be from now on. Just look at the opening lyrics for example:

“I gotta be the man that

you see me as An island in the middle me in Trinidad

Had to be the man that I wanna know

Separate the two with a one go” – Channel Tres

This single screams “Summer Song of the Year” and you know what, it is without a doubt this year’s summer song of the year.