Today we are going to look at Jelly BonBon’s self debut album and just to let you know, it’s a must-own album.

From beginning to end this album is pure gold, from the opening track “Jelly Groove” to the final track and personal favorite “Don’t You Want To Dance” this is an album that just oozes pure charm and bliss to your ears. While the album is only six tracks long and just under 18 minutes, it’s not a bad thing, you know what they say about the best things in the world come in small helping, well this album proves that.

Jelly BonBon is by far the first album I can say you owe it to yourself to own a copy of Jelly BonBon, whether it’s digital or physical. If you want to listen to a bit of it you can go to Jelly BonBon Bandcamp page here.