Today in underground we are going to look at the latest album from City Girl and that album is C-GIRL.

Unlike City Girls previous albums, this one has a lot of guests with the likes of tiffi, Kelsey Kuan, ry, highvyn, and siopaolo and each track is a gem. From the opening track “PACK IT UP BOY” to the final track “SEA” C-GIRL shows each track is different, new, and also has a hint of what is to come from City Girl. The vocals, beats, and sound here are not only refreshing to the ears but show how City Girl has grown as an artist, from loveless shadows up till now City Girl has evolved musically. The cover artwork is done by the one and only vickisigh and it looks wonderful as it also gives off this Japanese pop/goth look to it and it’s fabulous.

C-Girl is just 36 minutes long and is an album that you shouldn’t miss out on and is a must-own in your music collection.