Today on underground we are going to look at an album from an Irish band that is considered one of the best albums that came out in the 1990s and the band name is My Bloody Valentine and their album is “Loveless”. Many people believed that My Bloody Valentine is one of the best bands that came out of Ireland and in 1991 they released what many consider to be the band’s magnum opus “Loveless” and this is the band’s second album.

The opening track “Only Shallow” is this shoegaze track that is blowing up in your ears and you have to remember this is from 1991 and this doesn’t sound like it came from 1991. From here the album only gets better with tracks such as “Loomer”, “To here knows when”, “Where you sleep”, and “What you want” just sync into one another, and not one track on this album isn’t weak or doesn’t fit in, this is a complete album from start to finish.

Loveless had people talking, which includes the likes of Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Robert Smith of The Cure who said this about Loveless:

“[My Bloody Valentine] was the first band I heard who quite clearly pissed all over us, and their album Loveless is certainly one of my all-time three favourite records. It’s the sound of someone [Shields] who is so driven that they’re demented. And the fact that they spent so much time and money on it is so excellent.” – Robert Smith of The Cure, May 2003 interview with the Guardian

The album clocks in at 48 and a half minutes and this is an album that is worth putting into your collection in any way you can.