Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

This October marks the 40th anniversary of Depeche Mode’s first album release Speak & Spell. Gaining favorable and mixed reviews at its initial release, Speak & Spell became a hit and reached number 10 in the UK Albums Chart. However, This album would be Depeche Mode’s lightest album as their repertoire became more darker in tone. It marks the first and only appearance of founding member Vince Clark who was responsible for writing most of the songs. Clark would depart the band in November 1981.

There were three singles that came out to promote the album:

“Dreaming Of Me” charted so poorly that it wouldn’t be placed in Speak & Spell. However, it did release on the US album release and replaced the track “I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead.”

“New Life” became Depeche Mode’s breakthrough hit that propelled the band’s foundation. It eventually becomes the first track of the album. A different mix of “New Life” was also released.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” is the staple that gave Depeche Mode that boost to make more albums. It has become a part of pop culture and is well known until the release of Violator in 1990. There is also a Schizo Mix version.

Even though it has been trashed as fluffy and poppy during the initial release, Speak & Spell propelled Depeche Mode into existence. To this day, people just can’t get enough of a few songs.