Today in underground we are going to talk about a collaboration between Good Humor Ice Cream company is about to turn 100 and one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, the RZA to create a new ice cream jingle.

The reason behind this collaboration is due to the old ice cream jingle, and that song was “Turkey in the Straw.” The reason why they are changing the jingle is because of the history of what “Turkey in the Straw” was about. The song has a dark history with being preform at minstrel shows back in the 1870s till the 1930s. The song also created a character that was also not right for today’s world and we are going to live it at that because the name is a very racial name that we don’t want to say.

With that Good Humor released a press release video which you can see here explaining why they are changing the jingle and teaming up with the RZA. Soon after the press release they release the new jingle and the new jingle is great and the RZA did a great job with this. This new jingle is simple yet wonderful and something the kids can now say this is our song and like what The RZA said this one is made with love and it shows.

The new jingle is available now and for anyone who owns an ice cream truck, they can get this song for free and start playing it in their trucks.