Today on underground we are going to look at the newest album from Golden Grey and its a fallow-up to “Shapes” and it’s Sizes.

Sizes pick up where “Shapes” left off and it fits well as a great second half to a whole album. The title track “Sizes” really sets the pace and how the rest of the album will be, its simple, light, part electronic and part something else that is mash together in a very good way. “2 x 4” is a fast pace electronic sound but not to fast, it is just right and different at the same time, it has this sci-fi vibe to it and it works. “11 x 17” gave off this cyberpunk vibe which I love, a bit slow, and add hints of synth-wave to this track, and its something you can enjoy when your out or just chilling at home. “12 x 12” is a dark, gritty electronic sound to it and I think it is a great way for this album to end off on.

While “Sizes” just clocks in a bit over the 12-minute mark and just 4 tracks, its a perfect piece if you have “Shapes.” Throw both albums into a party music mix you will have a great complete album to experience from start to finish. As a stand-alone album, its fine for what it is and it will give you something to listen to and maybe expand your music library and taste.