Today on underground we looking at the newest single release from Sonja with MOUR collaborating to create the track “Be There.”

Be There starts simple but slowly you hear the change in the sound, style, and vibe and the overall result is this mix of electronic/synthpop or wave/ Chicago House, rolled up into this simple yet delightful sound. Sonja and MOUR did a phenomenal job on this track, both artists put on display their talent and artistic sense.

While the track clocks in at 3:44, it doesn’t stop it from being something to play at your next party or just for yourself to listen. You should keep an eye on both Sonja and MOUR because if they can make music like this together, imagine what they can do solo and a full album release. Sonja and MOUR are making a name for themselves, and this track proves it, they can be the next big thing in the indie scene.