Today WeRCatz and I are going to give you some recommendations of albums you should listen to while you’re at home due to what is going around the world. Just a little reminder we are not going to put any albums from famous artists and groups that the whole world knows e.g. The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Greta Van Fleet, Kids See Ghosts, etc. Before we get to our top five, here are some honorable mentions.

Honorable mentions:
Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star
One of the best and smartest hip hop albums that were released in the late ’90s. The album itself talks about modern-day issues at the time and is still relevant to this day, philosophical ideas and what was life in Brooklyn, New York City.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Soundtrack
This album was to me Vince Guaraldi at his best. From start to finish the album has great tracks and the now-iconic “Little Birdie” that Guaraldi sang himself, this jazz meets funk is a joy to listen to and enjoy around the holiday times.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard- Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version
The album is on a league of its own, in terms of there will never be an album like this in the world of hip hop ever again. The beats, rhymes, and the way ODB half-rapped, half-sung style of hip hop can never be replicated. This album is a must-own for anyone who is a hip hop fan.

Here are my five albums that Captain Cats recommends for you to listen while you are at home:
5.Saint Pepsi-Hit Vibes
This 2013 album remains fresh to this day with its vaporwave and future funk sound. Each track has its sound and vibe to them, it’s no wonder it became a classic and highly praised within the vaporwave and future funk communities.

4.David Bowie – Blackstar
The 25th and final studio album of rock legend David Bowie. The album was released two days before Bowie’s death on January 10 in 2016. Blackstar is haunting yet beautiful because this was, to what Co-Producer Tony Visconti said in an interview was Bowie swan song and a parting gift for his fans before his death. Blackstar is Bowie saying to the world if I’m going out with a bang, I’m going to do my way and he did.

3.Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack Album
Very few jazz albums that can be considered classics or beloved, in the case of the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack, it was universally loved and became an instant classic on release to the world back in 1998. Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts created a masterpiece of bebop music that went so well with the anime series of the same name that the series itself was an instant classic as well. The Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack is up there with Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue in terms of being one of the best jazz of all time.

Bjork’s second album is an album that not only showed Bjork musical genius, but it also is a very important album in the Art Pop genre. She blended electronica and trip-hop with art-pop and made an album that is an adventure in its own right and this album was released back in 1995. This album is considered one of the greatest albums that ever came out in the 90s.

1.The Cure – Disintegration
The Cure released their 8th and to many fans and critics alike the band’s greatest album they ever created. Disintegration is gothic rock, new wave masterpiece that showed where the band was going and returning to the band’s early days and move away from the pop-rock they were famous for with the case of the band’s seventh album kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.

Yo Ho! WeRCatz here! Here’s my Top 5, not in order of course.
5. Depeche Mode’s Violator
This album has many famous hits (e.g. “Personal Jesus,” “Policy of Truth,” “Enjoy the Silence”) and they are good for keeping an upbeat mood. You can even dance to some of the songs if you want.

4. The Human League’s Dare
This is one of the best albums one can dance to. Although the lyrics can be dark and insightful at times, each track provides a unique groove that you can bump your head to. A great album to listen to from start to finish.

3. Roberto Carlos’s Roberto Carlos 1970
If you want to relax and calmly groove to a suave melody, this album has it. Some tracks are a little upbeat, spiritual, or groovy. Even though his 1972 album is considered his best, I would go with 1970 to clear up a cloudy mind.

2. Eek-A-Mouse’s Skidip!
Growing up, Eek-A-Mouse has been huge in San Diego. I always wanted to go to one of his concerts but couldn’t. However, his albums are great to “sing-along” to. The only track I could keep up with is “Sensee Party” while the titular song “Skidip” is good for jumping too. Honorable mention goes to another Eek-A-Mouse album Wa-Do-Dem.

1. Earth, Wind and Fire’s That’s The Way Of The World
You can never go wrong with EWF. This album is nothing but memorable songs and highly catchy grooves. If you’re feeling down, That’s The Way Of The World will cheer you up in no time. Honorable mentions include their album I Am