Today on underground we are going to talk about an artist that has been releasing music from 2017 till now and has been under the radar and has made a name for herself and that artist is City Girl.

City Girl came out of nowhere in 2017 with her very first album and was also one of many self-released albums “Snow Rose.” Snow Rose was an album that was a masterpiece and still is to this day in terms of the how from beginning to end how an album should sound like and blend into each song in a way that you can listen to the album in one sitting and be amazed on what you just listen to.

We didn’t get to hear anything from her until 2018 with the releases of “Neon Impasse,” “Time Falls Like Moonlight,” “Loveless Shadows” and “Celestial Angel.” From here each album inducing Snow Rose feels like they are telling a story. Each album was like a chapter in a book or a book itself that is part of a larger book series. After this, in 2019 two more albums were released from City Girl, “Chroma Velocity,” and “Somnolet Nova.” Every album up to Somnolet Nova was a self-released album but Somnolet Nova was release on City Girl Records.

Each album release has its unique sound, tone, vibe, and story, no two albums are the same and that what I think City Girl stands out. Not only that each album cover is done by the artist vickisign and they are beautiful in their own right and fit with each album motif. If case you are wondering if City Girl will release any albums in 2020, you are just in luck because on City Girl YouTube Channel on the 14 of April will have the release of two albums, Siren of the Formless and Goddess of the Hollow. Take your time and listen to all of City Girl work and enjoy it, you’ll thank me later. If you like any of City Girl work and want to buy any of the albums you can go to the artist Bandcamp store here.