Ahoy Captain Cats here and sad news to report about another event that has been canceled due to the Corona Virus and this time it’s an EMD Festival in France.

Tomorrowland is Belgian electronic dance music (EMD) festival that takes place in Boom, Belgium that started in 2005 and now has become one of the world’s largest and noticeable music festivals. The festival has grown over the years and expanded to other events such as TomorrowWorld, Tomorrowland Brasil, Unite with Tomorrowland and Tomorrowland Winter.

Tomorrowland Winter takes place in Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps during either the second or third week in March. The theme they use for this event is “The Hymn of the Frozen Lotus.” While being a music festival, it is also a vacation spot and it lasts for up to a whole week.

Sadly Tomorrowland Winter 2020 join the list of events being postponed, reschedule or canceled due to the Corona Virus and here is the full statement:

“The French government is taking drastic measurements regarding the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) and is therefore enforcing the cancellation of large events in France, bringing together people from different nationalities on closed festival grounds and event locations.
That is the reason why the French Government has decided to cancel this year’s edition of Tomorrowland Winter.

This cancellation is a case of force majeure and a will have a huge impact on festivalgoers, suppliers & all those involved in preparing for the festival and those who have invested massively in attending and building this second edition of Tomorrowland Winter.” ID&T- The Organization behind Tomorrowland Winter


In case you are wondering how was Tomorrowland Winter was in 2019 you can look at it on the link here.