Today in Underground we are going back to Brazil for the 2020 edition of Carnaval and look at this year’s winning Samba School Unidos Do Viradouro and their song Viradiuro De Alma Lavada.

The school came in second place last year to former champion Mangueira and their theme History for Lulling Adults and this year they were not be denied. Unidos Do Viradouro theme this year was Viradouro De Alma Lavada, which is loosely translated to Viradouro with a washed-off and it paid homage to black washerwomen in 19th century in Salvador who made money by washing clothes and buying their freedom. The way the song and music go hand in hand and the presentation of the school floats shows how they want to remind people how slavery wasn’t just in one particular country, it was in multiple countries, each with their own stories and history. If you like to see the whole presentation you can by clicking on the link here.

Congratulations to this year’s Carnaval 2020 winners Unidos Do Viradouro and we will be back with next year’s winners.