Ahoy Captain Cats and today some very good news for people who are interested in creating classic 16-bit music or want to create new music with a 16 bit sound.

At the National Association of Music Merchants or NAMM for short Twisted Electrons (TE for short) showed off new hardware that is a love letter to fans of the iconic Sega Genesis or Mega Drive in other parts of the world and that hardware is the MEGAfm.

The MEGAfm synthesizer will have the iconic YM2612 FM chip that was built-in in each Sega Genesis and Mega Drive during the system lifespan in the 90s. TE went crazy and stated that each MEGAfm will have 2, yes 2 YM2612 FM chips in each machine. Not only that but the MEGAfm will have 32 operators faders, 14 knobs and 15 buttons to use and create and experiment with.

Twisted Electrons are taking pre-orders and will be ship out in early March of this year, the cost is 474 euros or about 522 US Dollars, give or take if they don’t change the price before it’s release. If you are interested in pre-ordering you can click on the link here.