Today we are going to review George Malamidis’s first full album under the name Demonic Downshift and the album is called Shawn: bhawns. Demonic Downshift is one-third of the experimental rock group 2 by bukowski.

This album is 100% Avant-garde music at the heart of it all with a beautiful mix of electronic music. The first two tracks Derp Note and Meth Seth both reminded me of the track Silver Lights by Coconuts in Hotline Miami soundtrack. From here on out the rest of the album is a musical experience that stands on its own in terms of originality and the ambiance each track is going for. Each one of these tracks has its own standard atmosphere, making each track individually specific to what Demonic Downshift is tying to implore to the listener. Tracks like That is A False Sky, Wolf Trials of Bedburg, and Here’s Why People Love Saab Cars are all completely different to not only the way they sound but also how they hook you in.

From beginning to end of Shawn: bhawns, Demonic Downshift has not only created a one of a kind musical experience but also being an album that has to listen to for the sheer atmosphere that it creates. For anyone who is looking for an experimental album that can do so much musically, anyone who lives for the Avant-garde music scene or just want to find something that is 100% purely original and different, you can not go wrong with this album. The only downside to this album is that it’s not for everyone who doesn’t have an open mind to music, especially this kind of music Demonic Downshift is offering to the music world.

The album is being released by Biblioteka Records on a 12″ vinyl. This is their second album to have a physical release from them and the LP looks great, they are also doing a fine job giving artists of this kind of caliber a platform to be seen and heard. If anything keep an eye on Biblioteka Records, they are doing a phenomenal job with finding these hidden gems that you would never expect to hear or find yourself.

If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself, you can order it at Biblioteka Records.