Today on Hidden Gems we are going to talk about a video game soundtrack that came out in 2012 that at the time was one of the best albums that came out that wasn’t mainstream at all, and that album was the Hotline Miami soundtrack. The soundtrack for the game was all over the place in terms of how over the top the game was; the music had to match that same level of intensity to match it. The game was set in 1989 Miami, and each of the games story chapters had tracks that not only play out the story of the game but also added an element that made you get lost to the music. The music for the game is mostly either electronic or synthwave, which also depended on the artists who were making the tracks. The artists on this soundtrack are some of the best at what they do, and here is a sample of what each artist did for this game:

Both the game and soundtrack was a smash hit in the gaming industry, receiving critical acclaim and won numerous awards in 2012 and a good amount of it was for its soundtrack. This is one soundtrack that you should listen to this summer and maybe play at your next party.