Today on Underground we are going to look at a game that will turn 15 this year and was a great game in its own right and still is to this day, but it’s soundtrack that stood out the best and still to this day sounds perfect and the game soundtrack I’m talking about is Lumines: Puzzle Fusion.

The game was first released back on December 12, 2004, on the PlayStation Portable or PSP for short. The game was a puzzle game, but with a twist, it had an excellent soundtrack, and I think the game was built around the music. The music in this game makes you feel like its a Saturday night, and you just went into a Tokyo night club, and by the time you finished playing the game its Sunday morning and had no idea you danced all night long, that’s how good the soundtrack is.

The range of music types here are vast, from Electronica, Synthwave, electro house, house, J-pop to J-rock, reggae and from what I can tell some kind of samba house music, but I could be wrong. While most of the music was created by Takayuki Nakamura aka Brainstorm, you also had music from Eri Nobuchika with songs like “I Hear The Music In My Soul” and “Lights,” and also from Mondo Grosso with songs as “SHAKE YA BODY” and the song that made this game a classic “SHININ.”

While the game series had many other squeals over the years and good soundtracks as well, the one that had an incredible soundtrack would be 2012 Lumines: Electronic Symphony, which I will talk about later down the road. Go and listen to Lumines: Puzzle Fusion and if you want to play this fantastic game, they released Lumines: Puzzle Fusion as Lumines Remastered in June of 2018 on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.