Today on Underground we are looking at an artist who is making a name for himself up in Canada, and you should have him in your radar as one of the best-kept secrets outside of the US, and that artist is Golden Grey with his new single “One.”

One starts with a slow opening and slowly builds up with an electronic synthesizer vibe, and throughout the whole song I slowly started to go into a trance of relaxing and the lyric on repeat throughout the track, it became one of those songs you can enjoy at any time you want. A simple yet enjoyable tune that almost anyone can listen to, unless you don’t like electronic music or trying new things.

Golden Grey somehow made this work, and it shows in his music that he is someone you should keep tabs on, it’s different in a right way, it’s nothing like anything on the radio or in mainstream music. His music is his work of art, and it shows here in One, from the level of style, vibe, and ambiance, to the point make one ask, what is going on up in Canada and why we never heard of this kind of music down here.

This might be a start of a new music invasion from a different music point of view and i think Bibloteka Records might be onto something here, something different but good.