A lot is going on here in the USA this month with NCAA March Madness for both men and women going on, MLB is already just kicking off Opening Day for the 2019 MLB regular season tomorrow and with Alliance of American Football on week 7 and MLS just starting again. We are going to look at sports chants in the USA and have a good comparison to the rest of the world and see what works and what doesn’t.

I have been to a lot of live sporting events from football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and basketball and a lot of the time the people at these events who was just there and enjoy the show and when it was time to join in the chants, they were just calling it in and that’s sad. The chant is a great way for the fan to express there love and support for their team, and it also brings a community of supporters together as well. Here is an excellent example of sport chants in the USA in some sports:

Not bad at all, the basketball chats are the best in the college environment. While both soccer and American Football fans were boring and not so exciting at all. Now let us see how the rest of the world does them, and we are going to use rugby to compare the NFL:

You can see a HUGE difference in each sport from all over the world. Comparing the USA to the world, we are so far behind in this department, and that is sad. We should take a step back and step up our game and show what we can do when we put a lot of effort into this, or not.