From their eighth album All ‘n All, Earth, Wind & Fire made four singles: “Magic Mind,” “Jupiter,” “Serpentine Fire,” and their classic “Fantasy.”

However, Underground’s focus is their sixth track “Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo).” Clocking in at one minute and twenty seconds, “Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)” is a quick but memorable melody that sticks in your head and makes you sing along with the rhythm.

What some people didn’t know is that there’s a White Label Promo L.P. where “Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)” was re-edited for dancing at clubs. This version is simply the original version of the song but extended.

Another thing that people didn’t know about “Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)” is that it is a song with lyrics. You can’t find it as a single on vinyl because “Brazilian Rhyme (Extended Version)” is from the compilation album Wicked Jazz Sounds Volume 5. This version was probably made first before the release of “Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo).”

Listen below and get lost in the beats and melodies:

“Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)” [“Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)”

“Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)” White Label Promo

“Brazilian Rhyme (Extended Version)”