Today on Underground we are going to talk about a landmark album that change the way jazz was looked at and at the same time modernize it and it was John Coltrane’s Giant Steps.

The album was recorded in 1959 and was released on January 27, 1960, on Atlantic Records. Little did anyone knows this would influence jazz in so many ways for years to come. Coltrane was a saxophonist, and this album shows him playing at his best, bring back the sax solo and introduce a new style of musicianship which is called ‘Coltrane Changes.’ the Coltrane Changes is tough to explain so I will have a link on what is it and how it works here.

This is best shown on the title track “Giant Steps” within the first 12 seconds of the song you can hear it in the saxophone that Coltrane is playing. The drum and piano are trying to catch up with the sax and tempo as well. Other songs on this album have great sound and depth regarding how is it played, the solo parts on each song, and of course the tone and pace of play. Songs such as Countdown, Syeeda’s Song Flute, and Mr. P.C.

This album is a must own and listen to on vinyl. The album clocks in at 37 minuets and this album alone change not only the way jazz is played now but also the jazz culture as a whole.