Today on Underground we are going to talk about the one and only David Bowie and his song ‘No Plan.’

The song and the music video was released a year after his death in 2017. The music in this song is very smooth but also somewhat spooky in a way. The lyrics in this track sounds like he is talking to us from beyond the grave and telling us all how it is, take for example this piece:

Here, there’s no music here

I’m lost in streams of sounds

Here, am I nowhere now?

No plan

Wherever I may go

Just where

Just there

I am – David Bowie

How the way Bowie did this track and had it ready before his death was surprising, he worked on his craft till he passed away and a year later he left us all this little gem of a song, which sadly was his last. Bowie was a once in a generation artist that transcended to so many different forms of art, media, social and pop cultures and many more. If you haven’t heard of this song please do take the time and listen to this one and you can see why so many people loved him and wanted to be him.