Today on underground we are going to talk about a great soundtrack to a game that history has left behind, and that game is Galaxy Force 2 or GF2 for short.

The game was released in arcades in 1988 on the Sega Y board with had a build in Yamaha YM2151 FM Synthesis @ 4MHz and SEGA PCM @ 15.625 kHz. The composing team for the soundtrack of the game was Koichi Namiki and Katsuhiro Hayashi. The game itself looks and plays great, but the music is what set it apart from other games like this at the time. GF2 has this jazz fusion vibe going on, and it’s a joy to listen, and you can listen to one of the tracks here.

Sadly as time moves on, both game and soundtrack have been left behind and at times forgotten. If you have a chance to either play the game or find a copy of the soundtrack, do yourself a favor and give it a go.