oday on underground we are going to talk about one of hip hop’s unique MC that they named a style after him because he never fit or fell into any other style and the album that will never see the light of day. ODB was a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan and released two solo albums, but his third one was sadly never released, and that album was titled A Son Unique.

The story behind this album is a bit of sad, but odd story. His last album was only the third album, and it took a year to produce, but sadly before it was going to be released, he was dropped by Dame Dash. Now here where it gets odd, soon after his death, the album was going to be released on August 9, 2005, but it was delayed many times. Another released date for the album was for November 7, 2006, which was close to the two year anniversary of ODB’s death, but once again it was delayed. The last time the album was going to be released was back in 2009 but once again was delayed.

It is also worth saying that it “was” released onto iTunes but don’t know the date or reason. A few songs did see the light of day, and you can hear them on YouTube and if there is one song to listen it would be Pop Shots¬†the song is ODB rhyming about his youth and life. The album may never be seen or heard from again, and that is a shame for an MC who was crazy but amazing at the same time.