As previously mentioned in the Underground segment regarding the 2018 Edition of the Fuji Rock Festival, I discovered the band Lucie,Too because of a suggestion by YouTube on my smartphone. So I decided to give them a listen to their song “Lucky.”

Verdict: I like it!

Although “Lucky” is a short song, Lucie,Too knows how to deliver their music to the Japanese Indie Rock genre. Nothing too flashy or complex, “Lucky” brings out good musicianship and simplicity that relieves the casual listener. As far as the lyrics are concerned, the band’s songwriter Chisa gives devotion a new meaning; “Lucky” is about being devoted to staying with your beloved until the very end. It leaves one with a happy feeling after listening and reading the translated lyrics.

Lucie,Too is a three-person all-girl band that has just begun to shine out of their native Utsunomiya (a two-hour car drive north of Tokyo). You can check out their single “Lucky” and their latest single “The Last Day”.

I know that this edition of Underground is short, but I had to write about this band out of pure enjoyment. I hope that they excel in their future projects and that they visit the U.S. For one of their tours.