We are now as of today, a month and a half away from one of the biggest events of the summer and that is the San Diego Comic-Con International.

Last year SDCCI had to deal with the Hollywood strike as both writers and actors from both Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild- American Federation of Television and Radio Artists over labor dispute so no Hollywood at the event. Many people thought SDCCI was going to take a huge hit due to the strike, but fate had other plans.

With no Hollywood, many of the people who would usually camp out for Hall H were instead in the exhibit hall and seeing what Comic Con had to offer and it was packed. It reminded me of what SDCCI was like back in the 90s, where panels were king and the exhibit hall was the place to be and if you needed a brake you had to hang out outside the exhibit hall or play D&D in the game room.

Now that the strike is over, it looks like Hollywood will be back, but the question remains, will people line up again, not line up, or maybe mix things up? Regardless of what people will do, Comic Con is back, this time in full force and I can not wait and see what’s going to happen in this year’s edition. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date before and during the event.