Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

South Park has released their newest event called “The End Of Obesity.” And it is a doozy of a trip.

We now see that Cartman is beginning to come to terms with his obesity because of the newest health trend: injectable semaglutides in the forms of Ozempic, Mounjaro, and so forth. However, he is denied the new drug because many people who don’t really qualify (celebrities and those who can afford it) keep the stock for themselves. With Kyle’s help, Cartman and crew will have to do one of the most adult things in their lives: navigate the American Healthcare System…

This new event shows that South Park is on a roll when it comes to trending events. Their criticism of the newest thing is spot on with a heavy dose of reality: the American Healthcare System sucks so hard that new changes must be made for better healthcare. You can only fool people for so long until one day they realize that they have been suckered into a huge mess. But the powers that be, in the form of medical healthcare directors, will always say NO on their private yacht in the Caribbean. Add in another alternative to semaglutides (a prescription of Lizzo) and hilarity ensues.

There is another major player in the mix as the story progresses: companies that promote weight gain (Sugar, Cereal companies, etc.) and they are not happy with this new health trend. As for the ending, we have another “Randy Moment” and Cartman gets what he wants with hilarious results.

I enjoyed the many references from this event. But one cannot help but realize that there is a dark cover of reality connecting all of the dots: medical insurance companies and those that profit from harming people work together to keep the money flowing from emerging compound pharmacy companies that may actually help people. Cartman says an awful truth about people in his position: “Rich people get semaglutides and poor people have body positivity.” Someone is getting all the money.

Take this special event for what it is, but I recommend you all to watch it! What does the intro to this special event remind you all of?