The San Diego Comic-Con International has announced its 2024 Clampett Humanitarian Award Winner and this year’s recipient is Women in Comics Collective International.

Women in Comics Collective International or WinC for short, is an artistic and informative initiative that began in May 2012. WinC serves to highlight the merit and craftwork of marginalized voices, especially that of women and Queer folx of color, who work in various industries, such as comics, publishing, gaming, media, education, and multimedia. They have held numerous events, exhibitions, workshops, and panels at places such as :

  • The Bronx Museum
  • New York City College of Technology
  • The Schomburg Center for Black Culture & Research
  • The New York Public Library System
  • The San Diego Public Library System
  • Queens Museum
  • New York and San Diego Comic Cons
  • Facing Race National Conference
  • The NJ Council for Humanities

The Clampett Humanitarian Award is named after Bob Clampett, best known for his work on Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, Time for Beany, and Beany and Cecil. After he died in 1984, SDCCI created the award to honor those who have helped others with the use of comics and popular art. WinC Founder Regine Sawyer will be at the Eisner Awards and will be presented with the award by Ruth Clampett, who is Bob Clampett’s daughter.

The Eisner Awards will take place during Comic-Con on Friday, July 26 and we will be there to report it. Congratulations to Winc and Regine Sawyer for her work with the community and so much more.